Only some classics

The Adventurer (Charlie CHAPLIN, 1917)

Un chant d’amour (Jean GENET, 1950/1975)

Bidman of Alcatraz (John FRANKENHEIMER, 1962)


One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (Milos FORMAN, 1975)


Escape from Alcatraz (Don SIEGEL, 1979)


Brubaker (Stuart ROSENBERG, 1980)


Beijo da mulher aranha (Hector BABENCO, 1985)


Down by Law (Jim JARMUSCH, 1986)


In The Name Of The Father (Jim SHERIDAN, 1994)


Dead Man Walking (Tim ROBBINS, 1995)

Un prophète (Jacques AUDIARD, 2009)


And let’s not forget …

the famous live concert given in 1969 by Johnny CASH in San Quentin State Prison in California

Prison & film in history

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